Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Random......(sleepless in jersey)

Ahhh, up at 5 AM. Can't get back to sleep. It's been nice to sleep in a normal bed again (thank you to Marti). The stack of futons and mattresses was not doing it for me. Kind of like sleeping on an eternally collapsing laundry pile. Plus, the references to "The Pea" were getting to me. So, the wife was getting some spares for the house from the college and had an extra twin mattress and frame. There was a twin box spring already here that I had attempted to use as a base for "the pile", but had only worsened the unstable nature of the whole thing.

So. Am I condemned now to sleep in a twin bed? It's comfy, don't get me wrong. I actually salvaged the nicest of the futons from "The Pile" and used it on top (running up the wall a bit) to make a kind of daybed, but I digress.... I suppose a college-aged male enjoys sharing such a small bed with a female, but at 41 I'm not sure if it would be much fun anymore. The sleeping portion at least. I am larger than I was then. We also get less tolerant of our sleeping partners as we age. What was cute and funny at age 18 gets old quickly sometimes. What with snoring, and gingivitis vapors (ick?), and kicking your partner while you dream your clutch is not functioning (no, really!). Lack of funds will keep me in this one for awhile. Lack of space also makes it interesting. "The Pile" was close enough to the computer before that I used it as my desk chair. Now I have a real chair. It must have been funny before to watch me try to perch on the edge of that eternally sinking mess.

Note to anyone who wants to know: I am not here to spout feelings about my situation upstate. I will always consider Marti my friend, but its too late to try to repair what I should have years ago. Relationships rarely fail from one person's actions. I will not participate in finger pointing and other time wasting activities. I know where I am going. The road ahead is hard to see, and I know there are many obstacles but it leads to the right place. It breaks my heart to know that I will be traveling it alone for awhile, but I need to do this. I will always worry about where she is, and how she is doing, as much as that statement might upset my stubborn lady, it is a fact about me.

Work is good, if not a bit crazy. I wish Carlos would not be so paranoid. I know that it's a security man's job to be paranoid, but I would like to see him relax a bit. Travel season is starting again soon, so I need to evaluate my health, wardrobe, and ability to leave my desk for a few days. Paul leaves for vacation today. I will drive him to JFK tonight to catch a plane. Hopefully "the beast" will do better than it did on its last airport run (sorry again Ash!). I am amazed at the trucks willingness to live, but I fear that its half life is coming near again. It runs so well, but little annoying things keep happening. It has been annoying me lately by not allowing me to unlock the driver's door periodically. Forcing me to slide in from the passenger side. The wipers are making a very strange noise lately. I fear the mechanism or motor is starting to go. A trip to Harry's is coming I think.

There is a little white Ford Festiva sitting up JFK Blvd. with a for-sale sign in the window. I might have to check it out. 40+ mpg is tempting. Otherwise, I am still planning on trying to put the VW Fox I found on the road soon.

OK, I guess that's about all of my ramblings this morning. You can wake up now.


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