Wednesday, November 13, 2013

LIMARC Linux Presentation 11/13/2013

Link to the presentation files:


Site for Distros:

Debian:  Volunteer maintained.  Uses the popular apt package system used as a base for many other Distros

RedHat:  Commercial.  Used by large corporations, governments, and schools. Related to Fedora (open source branch), and CentOS (free version).  Uses the rpm package system
  Why pay?  SUPPORT!

Slackware:  One of the oldest. Not for beginners

Ubuntu:  Based on Debian.  Very popular, and used on some commercial desktops.  Easy to install and use.  Recently headed in a direction that alienated many users. 

Linux MINT: Evolved from Ubuntu. Much more polished and usable.  Keeps a more conventional desktop like Ubuntu used to.  Better out-of-box-experience.

Puppy:  Lightweight, and fast.  Great on older systems.  Has own proprietary packages, but some versions support Ubuntu, or Slackware packages.

CentOS:  Built from RedHat source.  Essentially RedHat without support

FreeBSD:  Not Linux, but UNIX.  Worth a look for comparison, but I recommend GhostBSD for beginners.  OS X, and iOS are based on BSD variants

GhostBSD:  FreeBSD for beginners

Damn Small:  Started the mini distro movement.  Always less than 50M

Tiny Core:  Full GUI operating system in a 14M download. Amazing!

Multimedia:  OpenElec, XBMC, GeexBox
  Make your own ROKU. 
  OpenElec and XBMC run on the Raspberry Pi

Security – Forensics:  Kali, BackBox
  Recover files, test network security.

Disk Utilities:  Parted Magic, Clonezilla
  Free alternatives to Partition Magic and Ghost
  Hirens Boot CD includes both

PBX (phone systems): AsteriskNOW
  Make your own phone system

Ham Radio:


Live CD/DVD:
  boot from CD/DVD.  Does not touch your operating system!
  Can install later
  There’s one on HIRENS

Install into VM:
  VirtualBox, Parallels, VMWare

Install on an older computer

Make a bootable USB

Install to USB
  Use a large USB stick, and a live CD/DVD


Linux Mint MATE 32 bit
Linux Mint MATE 64 bit
CentOS 32 bit
Puppy LUPU
Or, download your own ISOs and burn