Thursday, May 25, 2006


How ironic is life? Very. I think it's hard, as a man of science, to express my views on religion in a general way. Is there a God? Well.... there has to be a force that holds it all together and makes things happen. It can't all be chance. Can you personify that force? There's the typical man-with-a-long-white-beard view that we all see sometimes. Then Kevin Smith would have you believe that God is a petite brunette woman that yodels when she sings. Or maybe it really is George Burns! But, lately it's the irony in life that makes me think that God must be a comedian. A witty, intelligent, public-radio style comedian.

Kind of like a cosmic Garrison Keillor: Angel Cloud Biscuits? Heavens They're Tasty!!!

Or you might hear: It Was A Quiet Week In The Heavens Above, My Home Town......"

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