Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Windows 10 Presentation (LIMARC October 14, 2015)

Windows 10 Key Info
From LIMARC Presentation 10/14/2015 

-Link to presentation:

-PC World HowTo:

-If the upgrade icon doesn’t appear:

-Use the Windows 10 Compatibility Checker:

-Crucial BX 100 SSD ($79.99 on Amazon Today):

-The Verge, Windows 10 Review:

-Microcenter Windows Tablets:

Neil Goldstein, W2NDG

Monday, May 04, 2015


Some of you might remember me talking about the return of Heathkit.

There has been a lot of mystery surrounding the status of Heathkit, as they popped up a couple of years ago and announced that they were returning.  There was a survey posted online for a long time asking people what they wanted to see from a new Heathkit.  The new Heathkit management hosted a Q and A session on Reddit speaking more about their plans to return.  Then, nothing.  No announcements, no news.  There was brief mention in December when the folks at Adafruit (a company that supports the MAKER community) were briefly in touch with the new Heathkit, and were told that things are still progressing, and there will be no information on what the products will be until they are ready.  All through this, I have been skeptical, as many people would be, since we have heard this story before.

Now, there are changes over at  They are clearly gearing up for products, and support.  They have even started an eBay store where they are selling parts, and some classic equipment.

Cross your fingers.

--Neil W2NDG

Friday, March 13, 2015

Larkfield ARC and LIMARC meeting presentation Handout

Here are the links from the handout:

Heathkit FAQ

Quicksilver (soldering iron, tools)

The Ham QRP DIY Kit Shack

Bitx kits from India


Clifford Wareham



Peaberry SDR

Mikes Electronic Parts (AM chips and Fahnestock clips

Evil Mad Scientist

Great list of remaining surplus suppliers


Peebles Originals (Crystal and Regen kits)

Here are a few more useful links:

I was talking about the 3-lead AM radio chips, and also a source for Fahnestock clips and other AM radio parts.  It turns out that it's the same guy:

Mikes Electronic Parts

This is the site that has the giant 555 IC timer kit that we saw at the meeting:

One man's obsession with crystal radios.  Worth a look!

Great list of remaining surplus suppliers:

Just found this site which has archives of Elementary Electronics, Popular Electronics, Radio Electronics, etc etc.  Great resource!

Here's another interesting kit source I forgot about that I need to add.  Peebles Originals.  They make a nice line of Crystal and Transistor radio kits:

Unfortunately I was not able to find the generic p-boxes, but you can still build the designs on a regular perf board.

 Be sure to send anything new you find that is not on the website to me.

Neil Goldstein W2NDG

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Alternative Operating Systems. LIMARC Presentation from January 14, 2015

Alternative Operating Systems
Limarc Pre-Meeting presentation
January 14, 2015


Atheos (Syllable)
MorphOS  For OLD PowerMacs


Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Linux For Ham Radio - Ham Radio University Forum - HRU 2015

Welcome to all HRU attendees, and visitors to this website.  I would like to thank HRU for inviting me to be a presenter this year, and also to everyone who attended my forum.  Here are the notes I promised, as well as a link to the presentation.  This subject really requires more than the 45 minutes we had.  I had wanted to demonstrate my RTL-SDR dongle running in Linux, and to spend a little time explaining the best way to set it up.

If any metro-area Ham Radio clubs would like me to do this presentation for them, please contact me at: W2NDG(AT)ARRL(DOT)NET.

First of all, lets look at some of the main subjects from the presentation.

Here is a link to the small presentation