Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tecsun PL-880 Hidden Feature Chart

Here is a consolidated version of the Hidden Feature List for the Tecsun PL-880.

Thanks to Thomas over at The SWLing Post for publishing all of the hacks in one list.

Function Key What to do Radio State
Synchronous Detection USB/NORM LSB/NORM Hold button in until change occurs. One push to change back. ON
Muting Threshold for AM/SSB, also sets FM Threshold on some versions 9 Select mode to adjust first (AM, SSB, FM). Press and hold, then adjust with either tuning knob. Press 9 again when done to save. ON
DNR (Automatic adjustment of bandwidth, etc?) 6 Press and hold till display says 'ON' and again for 'OFF'. ON
Display Firmware Version, and date AM/BW With radio OFF: press and hold until display turns on. Then press and hold again to get firmware. Press one more time for date OFF
FM De-emphasis 5 Press and hold to toggle between 75 (USA) and 50 (Europe) ON
Line-Out Level (only works on FM?) 7 Press and hold till current level begins flashing. Adjust with either tuning knob. Press again to save ON
Adjusting Seconds on Clock 8 With radio off, press and hold, and then adjust seconds OFF
Calibrating on AM (MW) Snooze Tune a strong MW station. Turn on SSB mode (USB/LSB). Move fine tuning till zero-beated and pitch matches non-SSB. Press and hold the snooze button till correction value appears in display, then press snooze again to save. ON
USB/LSB Calibration 0 PRESS and HOLD the 0 button. Look at the UPPER RIGHT corner of the display. A 2-digits number is BLINKING as well as the Hz digits of the tuned frequency. RELEASE the 0 button, and adjust the FINE TUNING. Tune, de-tune and re-tune before calibration is perfect. Play a bit with it to understand how it works. Change is effective AFTER you press 0 again. Do for both USB and LSB modes. Check the tone when tuned to xxx.95 USB and xxx.05 LSB. They should sound exactly the same. ON
Forcing External Antenna on MW/LW Several Visit for instructions and video ON