Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adventures in healthy eating

After relocating to Long Island, and considering this move to be permanent, I figured it was time to find a new doctor. I really do love the P.A. I used to see in Kingston, but living 2 hours from your doctor is not very convenient. I looked in the local guides and found a physician who had good reviews on various sites.

During the three months of unemployment I experienced, my already bad eating habits got much worse. I didn't fast for the first blood test either which led to dangerously high triglyceride levels and sugar too. Even though the fasting numbers probably wouldn't have been quite as bad, it was a wake-up call to start eating healthier. I immediately began cutting carbohydrates and fat from the diet. My adjustments to carbs are definitely more drastic than fat, but the results are showing.

I have more energy. Clothes are starting to fit better. I think I'm at the stage where my face has thinned out a bit because people are starting to notice. I've done this before, but it feels different this time. I've taken an approach that satisfies me in a whole new way. So, how did I do this?

Being a man of science, I've taken the challenge of creating healthy and interesting meals to new levels. I have become the Mad Scientist of the Kitchen. I also look at this differently than most people. I tell everyone that I AM NOT DIETING. This is not a diet. Diets fail. This is a change of lifestyle. It's the challenge to create these crazy foods, in combination with avoiding the things that will eventually kill me, and increasing the activity level. So far the only time I've weighed myself is at the doctors office. It seems that I've lost about 14 pounds so far, but who's counting?

So, I will start to post some of the things I've come up with here. maybe someone else can benefit from my new outlook. Bon Appetit!

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