Thursday, March 22, 2007


I love the Wikipedia. Any information addict would. It's just funny sometimes to see entries in there that would never have existed in any kind of printed encyclopedia like we had (or like the Americanas that Dad sold) when we were kids. I found an entry for Munchos today. Yes, the potato-like salty packing material found on the rack with snack foods in every Manhattan convenience store (many called "farms", which I will attack on another day). I know that one of the great features of the Wikipedia is that you can challenge facts that you disagree with and even immortalize your own knowledge of a misreported fact. I think I might just challenge this entry. It states:

"Munchos are a Frito-Lay brand potatocrisp snack. Munchos are thinner than most potato chips, to the point of being slightly transparent. Their slightly curved shape and rough texture assist with dipping."

Dipping? Dipping! Are you kidding?!?! I don't think that you could dip a Muncho in anything with a thicker texture than water. Although I haven't actually compared the two, I think the tensile and compressive stress rating of a Pringle is higher.

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