Monday, July 13, 2020

Sources, Parts. Surplus Outlets, and More

W2NDG's Presents:
Sources, Parts. Surplus Outlets, and More

Although many of these suppliers have disappeared, many still remain.  A lot of us still deal with All Electronics, Electronics Goldmine and more.  Recently I went looking for a list of the remaining surplus outlets online, and once again, as with the radiokitguide, I decided to create my own.

--A. G. Tannenbaum's Old Radio Site
     Interesting site for antique radio enthusiasts.  

--All Electronics
     All Electronics dates back to when I was a kid.  Great site.  Watch the weekly new items, and page through the catalog.  And YES, they publish a catalog, and will mail it to you.  You can also download a PDF of it.  I have purchased many items from them, and always reasonable, fast, and accurate.

     Sometimes confused with All Electronics for obvious reasons.  Similar surplus outlet.  Expansive inventory.

     Interesting assortment of
mostly inductor-related items.  Ferrites, wire, inductor kits, cables, connectors.  Great source for the home brew crowd.

--Antique Electronic Supply
     The name says it all.  Tubes and parts for old electronics.  Not just for radios.  Lots of parts and kits for musicians too.

     Another general surplus outlet with great closeout specials and a newsletter you can sign up for.

     Electronic kits for hobby and education

--Dan's Small Parts and Kits
     Dan's is also over at radiogitguide because he still sells a few radio kits.  Mainly a source for home brewers.  Pretty much a smorgasbord of electronic parts for radio construction.  Be sure to check out his shop till you drop closeout page.

--Debco Electronics
     A general parts and accessories source for Hams.

--Electronic Goldmine
     Another great surplus electronics source. 

--Excess Solutions
     Another general surplus outlet, plus they recently acquired well-known supplier: Halted Supply (HSC) and have their inventory as well.

     Military surplus supplies and parts

--Far Circuits
     Circuit boards.  Far Circuits has circuit boards for many published radio projects from years of magazines, and lectures.

--Gateway Electronics
     Typical surplus shop but no inventory online yet.  Keep an eye on the website, or give them a call if you're having trouble finding something specific.

--The Ham Station
     Not selling a full inventory of products anymore, but Dan still has a bargains page.

--JDR Computer Products
     Mostly computer surplus parts and accessories, but also some assorted electronic parts.

--Leeds Radio
     Somewhat legendary Leeds Radio has been written about in major newspapers.  They're still around, and have a rather plain webpage, but there's a link to their Etsy store where they sell some of their vintage inventory.

--Marlin P. Jones

     It was MPJA that sparked me to write this page.  I received one of their catalogs in the mail and realized how much I missed getting these.  This is another great surplus supplier, similar to All Electronics.

     Not just electronics.  Much like the classic surplus stores of the 60's and 70's.  Attendees of the Dayton Hamvention are familiar with Mendelsons.

--Midwest Surplus Electronics
     Another general electronics surplus outlet.

--Play Things Of The Past
     Source for tubes and other antique radio parts.  Website says under construction and new management.

     Radio accessories and books

     RF Parts looks like one of our typical surplus shops, but with an emphasis on Radio items.

--Surplus Sales of Nebraska
     Another general surplus electronics outlet.

--Surplus Center
     More industrial and mechanical, but some electrical items of interest including solar products.


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