Monday, July 13, 2020

Sources, Parts. Surplus Outlets, and More

W2NDG's Presents:
Sources, Parts. Surplus Outlets, and More

Although many of these suppliers have disappeared, many still remain.  A lot of us still deal with All Electronics, Electronics Goldmine and more.  Recently I went looking for a list of the remaining surplus outlets online, and once again, as with the radiokitguide, I decided to create my own.

--A. G. Tannenbaum's Old Radio Site
     Interesting site for antique radio enthusiasts.  

--All Electronics
     All Electronics dates back to when I was a kid.  Great site.  Watch the weekly new items, and page through the catalog.  And YES, they publish a catalog, and will mail it to you.  You can also download a PDF of it.  I have purchased many items from them, and always reasonable, fast, and accurate.

     Sometimes confused with All Electronics for obvious reasons.  Similar surplus outlet.  Expansive inventory.

     Interesting assortment of

Sunday, January 05, 2020

Raspberry Pi Applications for Ham Radio

I would like to thank everyone that attended for making this a great forum.  Here are some links and a link to the presentation.


Raspberry Pi Foundation:

Newark - Element 14
Micro Center

Pi Distro for Ham Radio: thread: Message # 9438. You may need to join the group to read

Also here:

Pi FM Project
Link to GitHub Project

TAPR WSPR board for Pi
Link to the 20M version

QRPGuys EZ WSPR Pi Raspberry Pi module
Link to product/order page

Basic USB Sound Card
Link to Amazon page

FT8 Kits:

D4D DSB Transceiver Kit 

DSB Digital Transceiver Kit

K1SWL’s Phaser Digital Mode SSB Kit

Digital 40 SSB Transceiver Kit or Assembled
From  No manual yet - NEW


Digital Modes Including FT8 - Ham Radio University 2020

Hi all, thanks for attending my talk at this year's HRU.  Here are the important links and the presentation I gave.


WSJT-X Downloads on this page:
Meinberg NTP (Windows Time Sync):
JTAlert add-on:
JS8 Guide (If link is dead look for new one at the JS8Call site):


D4D DSB Transceiver Kit 

DSB Digital Transceiver Kit

K1SWL’s Phaser Digital Mode SSB Kit

Digital 40 SSB Transceiver Kit or Assembled
From  No manual yet - NEW


Saturday, January 05, 2019

HRU 2019 Digital Modes Including FT-8

Thank you everyone that attended.  I was not feeling 100% today, but everyone helped move things along.

Here is a link to the presentation

This is the FT-8 guide from JT himself

And the help page for JS8Call

HRU 2019 Raspberry Pi Presentation

Thank you to all the attendees!

We had a great RasPi forum.  Well attended and good questions.

Here is a link to the presentation

I'll try to extract some links and put them here later.

Monday, December 10, 2018

Radio Kit Guide

W2NDG's UPDATED 2/14/2020

Some time ago, I attempted to research sources for kits on the Internet, only to find out that there wasn't a one-stop-website for Ham Radio kit suppliers.
Lidia 40M DC Receiver from QRPguys

I decided to put together a good list of sources for kits that are currently available. Many of these are for QRP operation, but a few are full-featured professional transceivers (Elecraft, DZ). On the beginners side there are a few sources that stand out: has a great assortment of kits.  QRPme offers the inexpensive, easy-to-build tuna-can products, and I would like to make special mention

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Neil Goldstein  ---

Multiband Radio Kit - China

I build and write about kits.

You will find my posts on my blog here:  FOFIO!

I maintain a list of radio-related kit sites on the internet here:  RADIO KIT GUIDE

Friday, May 04, 2018

Basic CW Rigs You Can Build Yourself

This is a list of websites covering all of the products shown in the demonstration for the

Midway Electronics ME40

Breadboard Radio 

EA3GCY radio kits

Four State QRP Group

DIY QRP transceiver (eBay)

Third Planet Solar KC9ON

Hans Summers QRP LABS

Pacific Antenna / QRPKits


QRPME Li'l Squall
Small Wonder Labs.....RIP
Midway Electronics
Chinese Kits

Midway Electronics

Walford Electronics


HFSignals - BITX