Thursday, September 12, 2013

The long awaited Redsun RP3100

Jeff over at Herculodge has a posted info about the availability of the long-awaited Redsun RP3100.  For those of you who do not know what this is, it is basically an updated version of the Kaito KA2100 / C Crane CC Radio SW / Grundig S450DLX.  Updated with built-in SSB (no more clunky adapter) and what looks like many more features.  This radio has been spotted so many times over the last 5 years that we were starting to regard it as a SW Hobbyist's BigFoot.

Here is a translation of the web page located at:


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  Product Category: Professional digital radio Product Name: RP3100
  Goujia: 650 yuan (includes postage) Appearance Patent No.:
  Product Features: High performance wide-band digital FM radio
 Features:■ Using the microcontroller (MCU) control, can control the display radio 
frequency, electronic time, radio received signal strength in different states.
■ The machine uses a large number of high-quality high-performance 

integrated circuit chips and other electronic components, with the 
composition of the electrical performance of the radio 
    channel, with high sensitivity, anti-interference ability, background, low 
noise, low distortion characteristics.
■ The machine is divided into four bands: FM range: 87.00-108.00MHz; 

longwave range :150-519kHz; MW range :520-1710 kHz (10k
     system) / 522-1620 kHz (9k system); shortwave range: 

1711 - 29999kHz.
 FM accuracy up to 10kHz, amplitude accuracy of 1kHz.
■ using a power-down feature to protect data memory (EEPROM), 

up to 1400 stored radio stations, including 400 ATS mode
     stored station, store another 1000 having single or multiple (up to 100) 

copy, delete, etc. editing functions.
■ with a wireless remote control, easy to use.
■ normal temperature (0 ℃ -50 ℃) display.
■ A variety of tuning modes: manual tuning radio automatically 

tunes radio stations and scan the storage radio frequency directly 
enter the station and other means.
■ Set FM and shortwave external antenna jack for remote receiver, 

you can also connect to local FM Cable Radio Network (CABLE FM).
     Wave set up a separate 500Ω external antenna / ground port, 

you can use an external antenna and ground to improve MW 
reception capability.
■ with FM stereo, AM SSB reception.
■ Setting the AM IF output can be used to extend the AM band other 

functions such as: CW (amplitude newspaper), SSB (single sideband), 
DRM (tone
     amplitude digital broadcasting), SSTV (Slow Scan TV) and so on.
■ AM take double-conversion PLL technology (IF 1 = 55.845MHz, 

IF 2 = 455kHz), 
has a very good anti-imaging capabilities, shortwave superior
     to 40dB (100 times), medium wave better than 60dB (1000 times).
■ modulation using FET balanced mixer, high-frequency octave band pass 

filter using, strong anti-interference technology, the AM has very good
     anti-jamming capability.
■ Ad hoc MW / SW Selectable wide / narrow IF bandwidth, but also 

according to the strength of the broadcast signal to adjust the high 
amplifier gain (RFGA-IN), to get the
     best reception.
■ Digital knob (fast / slow / Lock) tuner radio frequency, with a 

convenient, fast function.
■ Dual timer beeps, boot Alarm function, countdown Alarm function, 

snooze function, programmable sleep timer function. 
Timer Start frequency
     setting function.
■ key tone function selection key lock function.
■ Setting the left / right channel line / input / output jacks. 

Can put the machine as a tuner, connect stereo amplifier, 
for better reception.
     The machine can also be used as the player, connect the 

external input audio signal.
■ optional 5-inch high-quality speakers and BTL audio amplifier IC, 

set up a separate high and bass adjustment knob, the use of 
different sounds to meet
     the color requirements.
■ display with backlighting, you can manually choose light / 8 seconds 

lights out two kinds of illumination for night operation.
■ You can use an external AC power supply (220V) / external 

DC power supply (6-9V) / 4节R20 (large battery) / 4 AA (5 batteries) 
Battery four kinds of
    mode power supply, rechargeable battery rechargeable function.

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