Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Please stand by...

Have you ever had one of those days?  Something that I refer to as The Shidas Touch.  Wherein everything you touch turns to feces.  I successfully managed to break my iPhone, Dell laptop, and a Garmin Nuvi 250 all in the course of about 12 hours.  None of my radio equipment seems to have been affected by the condition, with my Icom dual-bander actually seeming to repair itself recently.  The iPhone was an easy fix.  Just a tethered reboot did the trick.  I seem to always go one step too far when playing with things on my jailbroken Sprint iPhone 4.  The Garmin was actually already broken, but I did manage to break it further.  The person who borrowed this from my YL must have been trying to delete his history from the thing before he returned it, and managed to delete all of the maps in the process.  Some research, and a few trial-and-errors brought the device back, and now is actually working better than before, but in the process I was pretty sure I had bricked the thing, and shoved it aside in favor of salvaging part of a good night's sleep.  The Dell, however, is a sad story.

I bring this up, because it is this same Dell laptop that was the processing muscle behind my testing of the
 Soft66LC4 that was sent to me to evaluate.  In a fit of kindness, I was attempting to clone a USB flash drive that I use for radio programming, and accidentally hosed the partition structure of the Dell's hard drive.  How, you ask?  Well, let's just say that if you ever use a wonderful little program called Drive Image XML, don't do it with any major distractions competing for your attention.  It's very easy to click the wrong thing, and BOOM!

I have managed to back up the damaged partition so that I can restore any settings in all of my radio software on there, but it is not rebuild-able at this point.  I did manage to get it working for a little while using a program I like called TestDisk, but then when I tried to rebuild the Linux partition that I had also lost (along with some of Jill's files), it killed all of the progress I had made earlier.

So, it's done.  Time to reload.  So, for anyone who was waiting for more info on the Soft66LC4, We are experiencing operator difficulties.  Please stand by.  Good thing I didn't try to work on the car that day!
--Neil W2NDG

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