Friday, June 04, 2010

Praise for Ebay radio seller TQUCHINA

I ordered a bfo-ssb adapter for my Silicon Scientific #75498
(Redsun RP2000) from Ebay. I had been waiting for the Ebay seller tquchina to offer them again. The tracking info states that China Post sent the item on May 18th, but no further info. I fired off a quick email to tquchina asking for clarification that the item was still on its way. I know that ordering items from Asia through Ebay does sometimes take awhile, but my experiences have usually been better than this.

Tquchina responded this morning explaining that the item was tied up in customs due to extra security in place for the Asia Games. He then offered to refund the shipping portion of the sale. I haven't responded yet, but intend to decline his offer of a discount, and thank him for the rapid and polite response. I wish all business dealings in life were this good.
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Anonymous said...

Mr. Tao has been having excruciating problems lately, in sending anything electronic, due to new China Post restrictions. This includes any device that has so much as a memory back-up battery. I too, am waiting for him to be able to offer the TG 37 SSB BFO Adapter again, trouble free, but for now this does not look likely.