Monday, February 09, 2009

Mobile Post #1

I decided to start writing a little more. There's certainly enough going on to comment about. I'm still employed! I guess right now that's a big plus. I keep wondering about what I can do to expand my potential income. I think that concentrating on what you do best is the way to go. I already employ my troubleshooting skills for a living so what else do people think I do well? Writing for one. I'd like to get more exposure in both technical and culinary circles. Currently, I'm waiting for spring to have more material for the food blog. On the tech side, I still love reading and listening to the industry's critics. I think it's time to become one of them. Stay tuned.


net said...

Hello. I recently read one of your blogs about you having an abc & 123 waffle maker do you remember where you got that from. My grandmother recently passed away and she had gotten me one awhile back. Can you help? Thanks

Neil said...

I purchased the waffle maker at a closeout store. BigLots I think. I doubt you would find one there. Watch on E-bay.