Monday, January 28, 2008

Captain.... There be lambs here!!

Female sheep (ewes) usually have one or two baby lambs at a time. Sometimes however they are known to have more. Usually the extra ones do not get taken care of. Natural selection will find the smallest lamb being abandoned by its mother. So, sheep farms will raise these orphans themselves by bottle feeding them, hence they are referred to as bottle lambs.

Marti was offered a chance to be a foster mom to a pair of abandoned lambs last Thursday. She bottle feeds them every four hours, and keeps them entertained and clean. I have to say, its not an activity for just anyone. Its a lot of work! These two will be with her for two weeks.

I couldn't help though as I got to the house Friday night, recalling the line from Star Trek Four, when Scotty successfully beams the whales into the ship, Captain... There be whales here!!

Strange, yes... but overwhelmingly cute! M a a a a a a a a a !!

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