Tuesday, August 01, 2006

People-Hating Dog Lovers?

I went with Amy this evening to South Street Seaport. I have never been there, even though I am into my third year here now, and Amy, who is spending the Summer working with me was looking to do something interesting. After braving the sweltering heat, we ended up in the Pier 17 complex, which is basically, a mall. I liked that it had a different variety of shops though. There were some familiar names, but most of it was unique.

On the second floor I saw a young lady with the cutest little dog. It was white and brown with short hair. I don't know what breed it was, because I didn't get that far. I approached her with a smile and I believe I made an "awww" sound as the dog licked her face. I think that if you bring a dog into a public place, you should be the type of person that can accept total strangers asking you about your best friend. A young man, who had been standing nearby suddenly stepped in front of me and blocked my view. It took a few seconds for my brain to shift from "friendly mode" to "what the hell are you doing mode". He flashed a look at me over his shoulder that basically said "get lost!" I was shocked. My friendly upstate self suddenly realized that sometimes, people seem to expect everyone to be a whacko down here.

So, Mr rude puppy blocker. If you ever read this by some chance, please understand that some of us are simply dog lovers, and just want to show your canine some admiring love. I promise not to intrude on your private affairs, steal your cellphone, or sell you a counterfeit handbag. Maybe next time you won't block me, and maybe I won't go upstairs and "accidentally" drop a Boston cream doughnut on you.

I bet the puppy loved the cream though.

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