Monday, June 12, 2006

I'm Still Waiting........

My boss has a Treo-700W. Nice toy! But, it is still a bit quirky. I was sitting in a meeting last week with some high-level execs, and watched the VP of operations take the battery out of his 700W to reboot it. They are neat, but clunky, and not as fast as my Blackberry 7250 with email. Neither of these devices do WiFi either (at least the Verizon versions). Blackberry has WiFi devices, but those don't do EVDO or EDGE broadband.....AGGHHH!

My Blackberry is a very capable email device, and a much better phone than the old ones were. With a Bluetooth headset, I have very few complaints in that department. A better browser would be nice, and WiFi access for when I am in the office. Add some sort of removable flash storage, and an MP3 player, and one device would do most of what I need.

So, where is it? Where is the Blackberry with WiFi, EVDO, Bluetooth, a CF slot, and the ability to run software like the MiniMo browser, and an MP3 player? Or even a non-Blackberry device that did email as well as the Blackberry.

C'mon RIM.... Case is closed, lawyers paid. MAKE MY DEVICE!

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