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Radio Kit Guide

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Some time ago, I attempted to research sources for kits on the Internet, only to find out that there wasn't a one-stop-website for Ham Radio kit suppliers.

I decided to put together a good list of sources for kits that are currently available. Many of these are for
Etherkit CRX1 Receiver

QRP operation, but a few are full-featured professional transceivers (Elecraft, DZ). On the beginners side there are a few sources that stand out: Hendricks has a great assortment of kits, including some SSB QRP equipment. QRPme offers the inexpensive, easy-to-build tuna-can products, and I would like to make special mention
of the Four State QRP Group 4S Low Pass Filter Kit which has the coils etched right into the PC board! What a great idea! I've covered transmitters, transceivers, and some receivers here. Some accessories are mentioned in the source descriptions.

Revised 7/21/2015: I know it’s been awhile since the last update. Re-Adding: 4 State QRP Group which got lost in a previous edit (sorry guys!),  Also Added: 

AE9RB (Peaberry SDR)

Hans Summers (Ultimate QRSS Kit)

Jackson Harbor Press

Third Planet Solar (HW8 add-ons)

Midnight Design (SDR Cube)

Peebles Originals



Steven Weber

Lots of changes too!  Too many to list.  -NEW- items or changed items are marked as such.  I also did a general cleanup. After all of the moving around between editors, and Blogger, and Word things were looking a bit messy.  Hopefully the next version will be more of what I originally wanted and be more database style and searchable.

More revisions on 7/24/2015:

Thanks to my readers these suggestions were made

Amateur Radio Receivers (Electroluminescent Receiver)

Cumbria Designs

NoGa The North Georgia QRP Club

Borden Radio Company

Ham Gadgets



Enjoy, and feel free to email me any corrections, or additions.--Neil W2NDG (w2ndg -at- radiokitguide -dot- com)

-24hrsradioshop (eBay). http://stores.ebay.com/24hrsradioshop This eBay seller does not have any Ham-related transmitter, receiver, or transceiver kits, but sells a variety of AM and FM radio kits, as well as a Morse code oscillator for soldering practice, or just personal enjoyment. Nice selection of variable caps too for your homebrew projects.

-AE9RB.  http://ae9rb.com/  AE9RB is the creator of the Peaberry SDR kit.  Well reviewed, and a nice radio.  AE9RB has disontinued development and sales of the Peaberry, but the project has been continued as the Omnia SDR which can be found below in the listing.
  • -DISCONTINUED- Peaberry SDR Kit.  The Peaberry SDR V2 is a Software Defined Radio transceiver for the HF amateur bands (FCC part 97). It's available as a kit that you build yourself. An illustrated manual covers assembly, testing, and installation of HDSDR. Because the radio is software defined, the modes you can operate are determined by the applications running on your computer. There is software available for every known mode. You can even design your own modes if you have the expertise.  Build your Peaberry SDR V2 for the 160/80/75m, 80/75/60/40m, 60/40/30/20m, 30/20/17/15m, or 17/15/12/10m bands. 

-ag6bd (eBay seller). http://www.ebay.com/usr/ag6bd This Thai eBay seller is carrying a large variety of receivers, transceivers and accessories. As of this writing there are only 7 items listed, but this varies up and down during the month. It would be impossible to list all of the items here, as many are not listed at the moment, and unfortunately there does seem to be a small language barrier. One item of interest is the SW20+ which appears to be a re-make of the SW20+ from Small Wonder Labs. As I said, not everything is available all of the time, so check the completed listings for an idea of what might be coming, and check back often with ag6bd.

  • •SW20+ Superhet CW transceiver. This appears to be the same radio formerly sold by Small Wonder Labs, as a board-only kit, with a 10 Watt audio amplifier along for the ride. Check out the information on the SW20+ for more info. $55.00 shipped to the USA.
  • •CW Receiver kit - VXO for CW. This is a simple VXO CW receiver for the CW portion of the purchased band (the 17 Meter model tunes 18.070-18.080). Easy build. Runs on 12 - 15 Volts. These kits seem to come in different bands depending on stock. This one is $27.00 shipped to the USA.
  • •Direct Conversion Receiver kit. A DC receiver that can tune a good size section of the bands (the 40 Meter model tunes 7.000-7.175, modifiable). Slightly more difficult than the VXO kit, with a few coils to wind and some alignment to perform. $39.00 shipped to the USA
  • •3 Watt CW QRP Transmitter kit. A crystal controlled transmitter that puts out about 2.5 to 3 Watts. The 20 Meter version will tune about 5-6 kHz around 14.060. $29.50 shipped to the USA

-Amateur Radio Kits.in. http://amateurradiokits.in/

  • • BITX Kits. I won't list the kits individually because the website is a bit confusing. They seem to have several different options from a basic kit with just the board and specialty components only for $18 to a deluxe complete kit with digital readout for $85 They also have released a complete kit with case and all.  Website seems to be under construction at the moment, but you can also try their eBay store:  http://stores.ebay.com/FUSION-RADIO-VU3SUA
  • • AVALA SDR board only. There are a few sites supporting this SDR. Not sure if I'm ready to tackle something like this, but it does look interesting. Board only: $10

-Amateur Radio Receivers.  http://www.amateurradioreceivers.net/index.htm.  David White, WN5Y offers his creations here.  The ELR Kit is a really neat radio using 21 functional LEDs.
  •  The Electroluminescent Receiver Kit. The Electroluminescent Receiver Kit is a superluminescent experience that uses very low noise devices, modern circuits that are documented in current literature, with boards designed to help the kit builder have a fun and educational experience. The receiver is a dual dual-conversion, dual dual-image superhet receiver that covers the 40, 30, 20 and 17 meter amateur radio bands. With minor modifications, the 41, 31, 19, and 16 meter SWL bands can be received. The interconnections are infrared and there are 21 functional LEDs that add to the circuit, not just tell you when it's on. And this radio has all the audio the average ham can use.  $89.95 + S&H 
  • •  Beginner and Experimenter's Receiver Kit.  This super hot receiver uses the latest in technology. The MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) amplifier works from just above DC to light. The BOO comes with all the parts you need to listen to WWV, or any frequency between 20 KHz and 200Mhz. This home grown, home-brew rig is fun, educational, and easy to build. The tuning range can be customized to cover an entire band or just a small segment. The KITBOO puts out 8 watts of audio, has a crystal filter, and features a broadband design. The PC board is silk screened for easy part ID. The manual comes on a CD complete with circuit theory, schematics, easy to read instructions, and much, much more. $49.95 + S&H

-BLEKOK QRP by YD1JJJ http://blekokqrp.blogspot.com/ (Indonesian. Use Google Translate) Sells kits on eBay. Click here for availability. If he is out of stock, look at completed items.  Currently no kits available (5/5/16)

-Borden Radio Company.  http://www.xtalman.com/kits.html.  In addition to a couple of accessory kits like a crystal radio tuner, and QRM rejector, Borden has some nice Crystal and Regen radio kits. 

  • •  Dunwoody Crystal Radio Kit.  The circuit is based on a very selective and sensitive design that has been used since the very early wireless days. It employs an antenna/ground tuning capacitor to fine tune the input to the parallel tank tuning circuit for optimum selectivity and signal level. The air variable capacitor tuned parallel tank circuit is then adjusted to resonate at the desired frequency. The combination of these two air variable capacitor tuned circuits makes this set perform far and away better than regular single-tuned, or slider-tuned crystal sets.Nickel plated brass fahnestock clips are used for all connections. All parts, screws, washers, sandpaper, and wire are included in this fine quality kit.  $59.95 + S&H
  • •  Armstrong One Tube Radio Kit.  This little radio uses the best features of many famous one tube sets and has features not found on most radios of its type. One such feature is the capacitor coupling of the audio output . This feature prevents the "B" battery voltage from passing through the headset and possibly ruining the magnets. It also allows direct connection to amplifiers without further circuitry and also allows the use of ceramic earplugs when connected in series with a 10K ohm resistor. The capacitor coupling makes the detector more stable and reduces the "hand capacity" effect, thus making regeneration adjustment much easier. The special parts kits contain the American Made air variable tuning capacitor, in-circuit tested N.O.S. 3S4 vacuum tube,  tube socket, fahnestock clips, solder lugs, resistors, capacitors,  regeneration potentiometer with switch, coil form, mounting brackets, stand-offs, screws, magnet wire, hook-up wire,  knobs,  battery holder for "A" batteries, battery clips for "B" batteries, and the fine quality ready-to-finish routed basswood plaque for the base.  Everything is included to build your own Armstrong One Tube Radio except the batteries, headset and antenna.  $74.95 + S&H
  • •  Pickard and FoxHole Crystal Radio Kits.  These are the classic old fashioned crystal radio kits.  The Pickard uses a standard diode detector, and the FoxHole uses a razor blade detector.  Either kit is $29.95 + S&H

-Breadboard Radio. http://breadboardradio.com Breadboard radio makes a few nice kits, all with a wooden breadboard –like base that the PC board attaches to when finished. In addition to the kits listed, there are a few “coming soon” items. A transmitter called the Wood Chip with variable RF output, VXO, T-R switch, sidetone, and more. Designed to be a good companion to the Sawdust receiver below. Also a new Tuner-dummy load-SWR meter combo, and 2 kits that have yet to be described planned for release later this year.

  • •  The “Splinter II” QRPp Receiver / Transmitter. Direct conversion receiver that tunes about 100khz of the 40 meter band. Has bandpass filter with attenuator, 2 stage audio amp with RC filtering. Drives standard stereo headphones. Also receives SSB. The crystal controlled Transmitter puts out about 500-650 mW. Has SPOT function. New VXO pulls HC-49 pulls crystals 5 to 7 kHz!. Sidetone oscillator (now adjustable), and New switching transistor allows use of electronic keyers. Built in key, or jack for external. Complete kit: $54.95, with free shipping.
  • • The “Sawdust” Regen Receiver. Tunes about 75 kHz of the 40 meter band. CW, and SSB. Will drive headphones or small speaker. Fixed regen. Can also function as a code practice oscillator. Easy to build. Complete kit: $24.95 with free shipping.

-CR KITS http://www.crkits.com/ US distributor: http://www.QRVTronics.com . CR Kits makes the KN-Q7A Single band SSB Transceiver Kit, and the CRK-10 CW Transceiver Kits (which are currently sold out and being revised)

  • •  KN-Q7A SSB Transceiver Kit. A popular 40m or 20m single band SSB transceiver kit designed by BA6BF. 8~10 watts PEP output (5 watts PEP for 20m). Sensitive and selective receiver. Multiple frequency options. 4- 40m ranges available, and 1- 20m range. New: Now available in more useful 20 Meter range $115 + S&H
  • • CRK-10A CW Transceiver Kit. Available for 30 or 40 meters. Crystal controlled. 3 Watts output. Built in keyer. $55 + S&H

-Cumbria Designs. http://www.cumbriadesigns.co.uk/kits.htm .  Several nice accessory kits offered here.  A DSP filter, DSP-based CW reader, VFO stabilizer, and more.  From the website:  We offer a range of kits aimed at electronic hobbyists and educational establishments. Premium quality components from leading manufacturers together with comprehensive assembly and operating instructions ensure successful construction and trouble free operation. During the development of our kits, we have taken great care to 'design out' complexity so that no specialist skills or tools are required during assembly. Seasoned constructor or newcomer, you can be confident of success. In the unlikely event that that you can't get your finished kit to work, don't worry, we will provide support by email and telephone. If that's not enough, we offer a troubleshooting and repair service at a very competitive price.

-Cycle 24 Kits (eBay). http://www.ebay.com/usr/cycle24kits http://cycle24kits.com/ This eBay seller carries a couple of kits, and says that more are on the way. One receiver-converter kit that looks interesting.

  • •HF to CB/AM Broadcast Receive Converter kit. The Multiband Converter from Cycle 24 Kits will allow you to receive the 40, 20, 17, 15, and 13 meter bands on an ordinary cb radio and the 80, 49, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meter bands on an am broadcast receiver with no modification to the radio. It has a VXO circuit for fine tuning, and a simple transmit protection circuit to protect against accidental key-ups when being used with a transceiver. There is even a spot on the board to add an LM386 amp to allow the converter to be used as a direct-conversion receiver. $21.95 + S&H

-Dan’s Small Parts and Kits. http://www.danssmallpartsandkits.net/ Mostly parts here of interest to the radio hobbyist but there are some kits about ⅔ of the way down the page. This seems like the place to get parts for some of these QRP kits above, like crystal-socket pins, and variable capacitors. Great assortment of stuff! In additon to the transmitters below there is an amp kit, an RIT, ans S Meter kit, and much more.

-DZ Kit. http://www.dzkit.com/

  • • Sienna Transceiver Kit. This is a high end, full-featured transceiver with many options. The Sienna can be a full-control stand-alone rig, or a computer-controlled-only rig. Available in 10 and 100 watt version. Kits start at $2797 + S&H for the computer-only 10 watt model.

-Kits By EA3GCY http://www.qsl.net/ea3gcy/index.html. This is the home of the ILER transceiver kits, as well as the ILER DDS-VFO. Shipped worldwide from Spain. All prices in Euros.

  • • ILER MK2 QRP SSB Monoband Transceiver Kit. Available for 20 or 40 Meters and now 17Meters too! Covers 60 – 100 Khz segment of the band chosen. Several coverage options available. 12-14 VDC. Output 4 – 5 Watts. Requires dynamic mic. VFO available as an additional kit. 80,00€ + S&H 17Meter version is 76,00€ + Crystal or VFO + S&H
  • • EGV-40 CW QRP 40M Transceiver. 40M CW Band. Stable VXO and very low current, 25mA RX (no signal), 3,5W out. PCB 100x85mm / 140 grams, heatsink included (no box). VXO tuning 40 kHz CW segment in 40M band. 72,50€ + S&H

-Elecraft. http://www.elecraft.com/

  •  K3S Modular Kit. The K3S is Elecraft’s top of the line. Available in 10 and 100 watt versions and with a multitude of options. The modular kit comes with mostly pre-assembled boards that need to be plugged in. The K3S kit starts at $2,099.95 and increases depending on what options you choose.
  • • KX3 Modular Kit. The KX3 is Elecraft’s newest transceiver. Similar to the K3 in features, but in a compact portable package. This is a modular kit like the K3 that requires you to assemble the pre-soldered boards. Many options available. Starts at $899.95
  • • K2 Kit. The K2 is available only as a full kit. This is not a modular kit like the two above, but a full kit for the advanced kit builder. The K2 is a full-featured transceiver available in 10 and 100 watt versions, and with many options. Basic kit starts at $759.95
  • • K1 Kit. The K1 is a small portable CW transceiver available as a 2 band rig. You choose which bands you want at the end of the kit build. Adjustable output from 0 to 5 watts. prices start at $299.95
  • • KX1 Kit. The KX1 is an ultra-portable CW transceiver. Available with 2 bands in the basic model, and upgradeable to 4. ! to 4 watt output. Starting at $299.95

-Electronics USA. http://electronicsusa.com/productsham.html  A nice collection of kits including keys, keyers, and clocks.

-Emtech. http://emtech.steadynet.com Emtech is currently out of stock on their NW-series radios. Check back. In the meantime, they have the excellent ZM-2 QRP tuner kit.

-Etherkit. http://www.etherkit.com/ Etherkit is run by Jason Milldrum, NT7S, who prides himself in keeping his products completely open-source. He currently offers 1 each receiver and transmitter kit, but is working on the impressive CC1 open source transceiver (http://tinyurl.com/etherkitcc1) .

  • •CRX1 Receiver. The CRX1 is a simple VXO-tuned superheterodyne receiver for the 40 meter band, with tuning centered around the popular QRP watering hole frequency of 7.030 MHz. It is entirely constructed from surface mount devices in the easy-to-build 0805 (US) size for passive components and SOT-23 class semiconductors. The PCB is large and single-sided, which provides for uncramped construction and makes the CRX1 an ideal warm-up kit for the CC1 QRP transceiver (coming soon). $40.00 + S&H
  • •Open Beacon Kit. OpenBeacon is an open source crystal-controlled QRPp beacon transmitter kit which can output a variety of slow-speed modes, including QRSS, DFCW, and Sequential Multi-tone Hellschreiber. It is configured via USB port, so there are no jumpers to set and you can easily adjust all of the operating parameters via command line. Once configuration is complete, OpenBeacon may be removed from the PC and operate stand-alone. $40.00 + S&H

-Four State QRP Group. http://www.4sqrp.com/kitIndex.php The folks at 4SQRP always have an interesting line of kits. Keep an eye on the webpage for some new releases coming soon, as they have recently retired several kits. While you're at it, if you are into QRP, join this wonderful group!

  • •-NEW-NM0S Ozark Patrol Regenerative Receiver Kit. a two-band shortwave regenerative receiver, using only three NPN transistors in its circuit. It features a pre-drilled and silkscreened circuit board front panel, with a total of 38 through-hole components mounted on pads etched on the back of the panel. This style of PC board is known as a Pittsburg style board. 3.5 to 15 MHz in two bands. $44.00 + S&H
  • •-OUT OF STOCK- SS-40 High Performance 40M Receiver. The SS-40 high performance receiver is the latest design effort from Jim Kortge, K8IQY. SS stands for "Stable and Sensitive". It exhibits the signature IQY extremely quiet amplifier chain. Disconnect the antenna and the receiver's noise floor is almost undetectable. A matched crystal IF filter provides a steep sided 500 cycle bandpass and outstanding opposite sideband rejection. Covering the 40M QRP "watering holes", a Super VXO provides 25-30 kHZ of smooth stable tuning, and no perceptible drift even from a cold start.. While easy to build, this is not a trivial kit. There are 150 parts, and when completed the resulting high quality receiver is a pleasure to use. $60
  • -NEW- 4S Low Pass Filter Kit. Featuring the famous NMØS Spiral coils, it is a None Simpler design.. This Low Pass Filter (LPF) is a must have for experimeters and those wishing to make sure their rig is legal. It's available in either an 80M or 40M version. The kit includes all the components to finish the build, including a beautiful jet black pcb enclosure. The kit features the easy building Pittsburg style pc board, which also is a feature of the Ozark Patrol regenerative receiver kit. $23.00
  • -NEW- Designer Dream Boards. These PC boards are targeted at the DIY designer/builder who would like to construct their own RF or control designs using time tested bits of circuitry, already in a PC board environment. The boards facilitate the construction of a myriad of of RF systems or sub-systems including receiver, converters, transmitters, and etc. utilizing builder supplied parts. Each circuit “element” has its input(s), output(s), and control(s) via 2-pin headers, or alternately, pad-to-pad wiring. The boards are sold in a set of 3 - 2 DD1s, and 1 DD2, and the cost of the set is $23.00

-Fox Delta. http://products.foxdelta.com/ A great collection of ham radio kits. Includes computer interfaces, APRS kits, and more.

-Free Time Goods (eBay). http://stores.ebay.com/FREE-TIME-GOODS This eBay seller carries WSPR receiver kits, available for the 20 and 30 Meter bands.

  • •WSPR Receiver kit. Available for 20 and 30 Meters (does not always have both in stock). Connects to your computer via USB, which also power the kit. Uses the K1JT WSPR software. $49.99 + S&H (sometimes sold for less at auction price)

-Genesis Radio (Australia). http://www.genesisradio.com.au/order.html not all kits are available. Many are listed as sold out, but I assume will become available again. Prices are in Australian dollars. This is the only one currently available:

  • • G11 5 band SDR Transceiver Kit. Power output 10 W. SMT components factory pre-assembled, buyer to assemble only large through hole components. Price in AUS$: $299.00 + S&H
  • • --LIMITED AVAILABILITY--G59 All Mode 160-6M SDR transceiver kit. The G59 is an all-mode 160-6m SDR transceiver with 10mW of output power. The output is boosted to 10W with the GPA10 linear amplifier. Genesis kits are produced in batches of 50 units at a time. Current demand for the G59 is much greater than our production capability. The best way to get a hold of a Genesis kit is to subscribe to our GenesisRadio Yahoo group and watch for announcements. G59: $349.00 + S&H, GPA10: $129.00 + S&H

-GQRP Club http://www.gqrp.com/sudden.htm. This QRP club from the UK, offers some of its designs in kit form. They have Limerick-style construction transmitters and receivers, as well as a matching tuner. Prices are lower for members, and anyone can join. Prices are in British Pounds.

  • • GQRP Club "Limerick Sudden" Transmitter Kit. Designed to match the Limerick Sudden receiver kit. The circuitry is a VXO, followed by a buffer and the PA is a 2N3866. The output is around 2 watts,the VXO & buffer are keyed by another transistor and there is muting on the RX antenna feed. There are 4 toroids to wind – a coupling transformer, and the 3 inductors of the 7 element low pass filter. The kit uses the “Limerick” method of construction, as used in the earlier receiver. The pads are actually etched on the board (like surface mount), and the interconnections between them are PCB tracks, hidden under the solder masking. No "through hole" connections are made, although "through hole" components are used. Available in 40 Meter version, more to follow. The kit includes all components, the complete case, and knob. £42.00 + S&H
  • • GQRP Club "Limerick Sudden" Receiver Kit. Built around two integrated circuit chips; the SA602 and the LM386. Both lend themselves to simple receiver construction. Uses same method of construction as above, and is available in 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, or 20m versions. Includes all components, complete case, and 9V battery. £42.00 + S&H

-Ham Gadgets.  http://www.hamgadgets.com/.  Several nice accessory kits here including keyer kits, voice recorder kit, and the famous ID-O-MATIC.

-The Ham QRP DIY Kit Shack on AliExpress. http://www.aliexpress.com/store/group/HAM-QRP-DIY-Kit/331885_251085312.html. An interesting new find. They sell 3 QRP kits, and various accessories. All kits come with crystals for 7023 kHz, but can be changed by the builder for any other 40 Meter crystal. Pixie requres one crystal, Frog needs two, and the Super RockMite needs three, all the same freq. I haven't purchased from them yet, but I am planning on trying out some of these. I posted a question on the store page, and got an answer less than 5 minutes later!

  • • Pixie Kit (Improved). An updated and very clean looking version of the famous Pixie 2. Built for 40 Meters. Includes crystal for 7023 kHz. 100 - 200 mw output. Adjustable receive from 7023-7026. $10.24 + S&H
  • • Frog QRP Kit. A little more sophisticated than the Pixie, but still very simple. About 1.8 Watts at 12 Volts. Includes crystals for 7023 kHz, and adjustable receive from 7023-7026. $19.12 + S&H
  • • Super RockMite Kit. This looks like an expanded and improved RockMite transceiver. same features as the RockMite we know and love, with a serial port for computer control. Also, it looks to be all through-hole parts, making it an easier build than the US RockMite. With Small Wonder shutting down this is another option. $29.84 + S&H

-Hamtronics. http://www.hamtronics.com/menu_products.htm Hamtronics offers a variety of VHF and UHF receiver and exciter kits as well as many other interesting items.

-Hans Summers http://www.hanssummers.com/  Hans sells the very popular Ultimate3S QRSS/WSPR kit, and some other interesting accessories.

  • -NEW- Ultimate3S QRSS/WSPR kit.  This kit is the new edition of the third version in the "Ultimate" QRSS/WSPR kit trilogy. It can produce QRSS, Hell, WSPR, Opera and PI4 slow-signal modes anywhere from 2200m to 2m bands. Plug-in LPF filters are available for all 13 HF/MF/LF bands from 2200m to 6m.  $29.00 + S&H + many add ons and accessories.

-Hendricks QRP Kits http://www.qrpkits.com/ One of the best selections of Ham Radio related kits on the Internet. Quite a few accessories too!

  • • BitX20A/17A SSB Transceiver. The BitX20A and BitX17A are complete SSB kits with board, all parts, digital display and custom powder coated and punched case that is based on the BitX20 that was designed by Ashlan Farhan. Output is about 10 Watts. $180.00 + S&H
  • • PFR-3a 3-Band Portable Field Radio. Bands : 40 meters, 30 meters and 20 meters. Tuning range: Full band coverage. Mode: CW only. $240.00 + S&H
  • • NADC30/40 CW Transceiver. Nearly All Discrete Component CW Transceiver for either 30m or 40m. Tuning range ~ 60 kHz. Power output: 3.5 watts. Full Kit: $130.00 + S&H
  • • Ft Tuthill 15 Meter CW Transceiver. Two 60 KHz tuning ranges, ~ 21.000 - 21.060 and 21.075 - 21.135 MHz. Power Output: 5 Watts. Complete Kit (w/ case and digital dial) $130.00 + S&H
  • • Ft Tuthill 160 Meter CW Transceiver. Two 30 KHz tuning ranges, ~ 1800 - 1835 and 1830 - 1865 MHz. Power Output: 5 Watts. Complete Kit (w/ case and digital dial) $130.00 + S&H
  • • DCxxB Board Only Trasceiver Kit. These radios are the next generation of the popular DC40 transceiver that was also designed by Steve Weber. The kit will come with 1 crystal for the band specified. 7.040 for DC40, 10.120 forDC30, 14.060 for DC20. Board-Only kit with decals: $30.00 + S&H
  • • Weber Tri-Bander. The Weber Tri-Bander can be built for any three of these bands: 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, or 15. 5 Watts out on all bands at 13.8 VDC.Built in Iambic keyer with 5 to 40 wpm code speed. DDS VFO for rock steady stability with 50 Hz and 200 Hz tuning rates. Many more features! $200 +S&H
  • • Scout Regen Receiver. A simple 2 band regenerative radio receiver that is capable of receiving signals from 3.5 to 11 MHz. A complete kit with Lshaped aluminum chassis, quality double sided silkscreened solder masked board,all parts, hookup wire, board mounted battery holder. This kit is ideal for thefirst time builder. $50.00 + S&H
  • • SMK-2 40m Surface Mount CW Transceiver. The SMK-2 is a fully functional surface mount component 40 meter transceiver. It has an independently tuned transmitter and direct conversion receiver. Full break-in TX with sidetone, and a modest 350mW output. The crystal VXO on receiver allow about 3 kHz+ tuning range on the crystal frequency. It was originally conceived as the SMK-1, a platform to teach SMT construction techniques. Transceiver Kit:$40.00 + S&H, Optional switched crystal board: $10.00 + S&H
  • • TwoFer Plus CW Transmitter. The TwoFer Plus is a simple transmitter that will be offered on 40, 30, and 20 meters. The kits come with crystals in the qrp region of the band. It will put out approximately 1 Watt using a 2N3053transistor for the final. It has a crystal based VXO that will give about1.5kHz on 40, and 3kHz on 20. It also has a built in T-R switch on the board that mutes the receiver during transmit. We have upgraded the kit with a custom prepunched case that was designed by Ken LoCasale, WA4MNT. The kit comes complete, with all parts, connectors, case, knobs, wire, and our usual commercial quality double sided, plated through, silkscreened solder masked board. $35.00 + S&H
  • • KD1JV Survivor 75m SSB transceiver. There is a long story about the history of this kit on the website. This is a re-design of the Epiphyte transceiver from Norcal. 10 Watts output, SSB, CW, and TUNE modes, Covers a user selectable portion of 75 Meters, either 325 or 175 kHz wide, selectable atbuild time. All through-hole construction. Requires 13.8 volts @ 2 Amps min.Basic kit: $100.00 + S&H, or Kit with Digital Dial, and Mic for $140.00 +S&H
  • • Simple Receiver. A new design from Dan Tayloe, which can be built foreither 30 or 40 Meters. VFO controlled and superhet. 40M coverage is 7.000 -7.022, and 7.024 - 7.049. 30M coverage is 10.100 - 10.120. Headphone level output, 3 pole crystal filter, AGC, and much more. $50.00 + S&H
  • • Simple Transmitter. Also from Dan Tayloe. Designed to replace the Twofer eventually. Initially sold for 10 Meters only, since the Twofer had issue with 10 Meters. 4 Watts out at 12V. Spot switch, built in keyer, receiverT/R switch with "mute" output. $50 + S&H

-HF Projects. http://www.hfprojectsyahoo.com/ HF Projects carries the HF Packer amp kit for boosting the power of your QRP projects.Includes all parts, and a predrilled case and heat sink. There are accessories for modifying the amp for other uses, and you can purchase the relay controlled LPF from the Packer amp separately.

-Hobby PCB. http://www.hobbypcb.com/amateur-radio Hobby PCB sells an amplifier kit called the HardRock 50. This is an evolving project, but produces a very nice 50 Watt amp. They have an active Yahoo Group for help too.They also have a 5 Watt drive board to use the HardRock with low power (.5Watt) radios, and they carry the boards for the WA2EUJ DSP-610 project.

-HSC (Halted Specialties Company). http://www.halted.com/HSC is a great source for components, but they also sell a Pixie II Kit w/o crystals.

  • • Pixie II Kit. This includes the components for 80 and 40 meter versions of the famous Pixie II kit. It does not come with crystals, but HSC has them available individually or in a 6-pack. $14.95 + S&H

-Jackson Harbor Press http://wb9kzy.com/ham.htm  JHP doesn't sell any radios at this time, but has a nice assortment of accessory kits available.

-JUMA. http://www.jumaradio.com/juma/ All prices are in EUROS € I have emailed JUMA asking them for status on their kits, as nothing seems to be available at the moment. They replied explaining that they are transferring logistics to a new company and hope to have kits by the end of the year.

  • • Series one kits. Currently out of stock. All DDS controlled, covering80, and 40 meters. RX1 Receiver, 74.80€, TX1 Transmitter, 80.33€, andTRX1 Transceiver, 169.00€.\
  • • Series two kits. Two kits available. TRX2 currently out of stock.Both are high dynamic range, 10W output, SSB and CW transceiver kits, using quadrature sampling techniques for demodulation and modulation with low noise phasing. VFO is DDS controlled for a good frequency stability. TRX2 2-band model (80 and 40) 395.00€, and TRX2A 80 thru 10 model with general coverage receiver, 499.00€

-KC9ON - Third Planet Solar  http://kc9on.com/store/kits/  KC9ON sells a few nice accessories for the Heathkit HW8 QRP rig for fixing and enhancing the old favorite, as well as some other useful products.

- K5BCQ & K5JHF Kits http://www.qsl.net/k5bcq/Kits/Kits.html These Hams from the Austin QRP Club offer a page of accessories and support kits. The most interesting thing onthis page is the SDR2GO Kit. This is a replacement for the computer and soundcard in a standard I/Q SDR setup. You are meant to use this with an existing SDR board (like Tony Parks' RXTX Ensemble) to create a complete standalone SDR. They even have a graphics display kit option. There is also a20 Watt amp, an Si570 Controller with display, a programmable keyer, and much more. Very reasonable too!

-K6VHF http://k6vhf.com/k6vhfs-online-store/.  Alec Nersesyan offers up some interesting accessory kits here.  The one that caught my eye was the Portable QRP SWR Meter – “Magic Bridge”, A $30 QRP SWR meter kit.

-Kanga Products UK http://www.kanga-products.co.uk/. KangaProducts, UK is a separate company from Kanga US, although they have some similar products. Kanga UK has several interesting kits, as well as accessories. Ships worldwide. Prices in British Pounds

  • • Open QRP Transceiver. Similar to the Ten-Tec 506 Rebel. Based on the Open QRP design from Steve K1EL. has an LCD display and front panel controls for Tune, RIT, RF Gain, and 6 push buttons. Output is 6 to 8 Watts at 13.5 V.The Open QRP transceiver also includes a separate chip that decodes incoming CW and CW sent via paddles! £89 + S&H
  • • Finningley 80M SDR Reciever. This kit was produced for the Microwave Roundtable earlier this year. Kanga Products have kindly been given permission to re-produce the kit. This simple SMD kit is a great way to get into Software Defined Radio. £16.50 + S&H
  • • G0NQE 80M SDR Reciever. The G0NQE-Acorn SDR receiver was designed for a Pontefract Radio Club project. It was built by a number of club members in February 2011 and was a great success. The kit covers 2 switched sections ofthe 80m phone band, and comes complete with all PCB components plus external components and screen printed PCB, made provision is made to add switchable bandpass filters, with a change of crystals the Acorn SDR can easily be made into a multiband receiver. £19.95 + S&H
  • • Sudden 2 Receiver. Available for 80, 40, or 30 Meters. Based closely on the original SUDDEN but with the following differences: Tuning is by variable capacitance diode, removing the need for an expensive tuning capacitor. The SA602 mixer/oscillator chip is fed from a 5 volt regulator, so a9v or 12v supply can be used. The audio amplifier circuit, based on an LM386,now has hiss-reducing components. The audio gain control, RF attenuator and tuning control are mounted on the PCB. The kit is supplied with Toko 10K coils,but the board can also be used with toroidal coils if Toko coils become obsolete. The PCB has a solder mask and the component positions are marked in white screen printing. There is provision on the board for a switched-bandwidth audio filter and a mute circuit with adjustable sidetone bypass. £28.50 +S&H
  • • Foxx-3 Transceiver. The FOXX-3 is the latest version of the ever-popular FOXX. Designed by Derek Alexander, it incorporates a sidetone oscillator, changeover relay and low-pass filter. It fits inside an Altoids (TM)mint tin and all connections are made via vertical connectors which are concealed when the lid is closed. The connections are as follows: antenna via50 ohm BNC, power via 2 pin 0.1" header, headphones via 3.5mm mono or stereo jack plug or 2 pin header, Morse key via 3.5mm mono or stereo jack plug or 2pin header. We also supply a small PCB-mounted switch which can be used as the key for ultimate portability. All you need to add are a 12 volt DC supply,headphones and an antenna and tuner. Available for 20, 30, 40, or 80 Meters.£29.95 + S&H

-Kanga US. http://www.kangaus.com/

  • • Several inexpensive kits for the radio hobbyist, mostly supplied as a"bag of parts" with a schematic.

-Kit Radio Company http://www.kitradio.co.uk/ KRC Offers mostly Shortwave receivers, but also has an 80 Meter direct conversion receiver, as well as some accessories. Prices are in British Pounds. Not sureabout shipping costs outside of the UK.

  • • KRC-1, 4-Band Superhet. Comes in 5 easy-to-build stages: 1) MW TRFreceiver driving an earphone, 2) Audio amplifier providing speaker output, 3)The TRF receiver is converted to an IF amplifier, 4) Mixer/oscillator converting the receiver to a 4 band superhet, 5) BFO to enable CW/SSB reception. Built on two circuit boards and comes with a pre-cut and labeled case. Runs on 6AA batteries (included). £65.99 + S&H
  • • KRC-2, Regenerative SW Receiver. 1 – 30 MHz in 3 bands. Easy build. Very sensitive. Nice case and all accessories included. Runs on 6AAbatteries (included). £54.99 + S&H
  • • KRC-4, Beginners TRF Receiver. 2 bands: 800 kHz to 1.6 MHz, and 4 to8 MHz. Uses a reflex circuit and only one transistor. Band selection is achieved with 2 plug in pre-wound coils. Will drive an earphone with only a few feet of wire as an antenna. Includes earphone, 3 AA batteries, and engraved front panel. £24.99 + S&H
  • • KRC-5, 80 Meter Direct Conversion Receiver. Designed around the SA602and LM386 chips. Receives CW and SSB from 3.5 to 3.8 MHz. Includes earphone, 3AA batteries, and engraved front panel. £25.99 + S&H

-Kits and Parts dot com.http://www.kitsandparts.com/index.php K&P sells a line of accessory kits (filters, amps, etc) as well as parts for your own projects. They have a huge selection of ferrite toroids.

-MFJ http://www.mfjenterprises.com/ MFJ has been a source for all things Ham Radio for years. They have a couple of kits in the catalog,plus they own Vectronics, also listed in this guide.

  • • MFJ-8100K World Band SWL Receiver Kit. Regenerative general coverage receiver covering 3.51 - 4.31 MHz, 5.95 - 7.40 MHz, 9.56 - 12.05 MHz, 13.21 -16.4 MHz, and 17.6-22 MHz. $79.95 + S&H
  • • MFJ-93xxK QRP Cub Transceiver Kits. QRP Transceiver available in 80,40, 30, 20, 17, or 15. Output 2 Watts (except 1 Watt on 17 and 15). $99.95 +S&H

-Midnight Design Solutions. http://www.sdr-cube.com/ordering.html.  These folks produce the SDR Cube transceiver.  A neat standalone transceiver based on the Softrock.

  • -NEW- SDR Cube Full Kit.  Portable, standalone SDR transceiver for SSB, CW and AM using embedded digital signal processing with a Softrock as the RF front end for QRP operation. Live bandscope, high-performance T-R switching, multiple VFOs & memories, General Coverage Receive and bandswitching control are among the many advanced features.Expansion port supports external RF decks and accessories. Optimized interface for NUE-PSK modem provides digital mode support.  $339.00 with Softrock included, and $241.00 without.

-Mini Kits (AUS). http://www.minikits.com.au/ Lots of accessories in kit form from down under. Bandpass filters, amps, and much more.

-NoGa The North Georgia QRP Club.  http://www.nogaqrp.org/  This club offers several ham accessory kits.  For now I see a Wattmeter, a power indicator/guard, and a transmit/receive switch.

-North Country Radio.http://www.northcountryradio.com/index.htm NCR is a source for many amateur related kits. Too much to list here, but they have several ATV related items.

-Oak Hills Research. http://www.ohr.com/ Founded by DougDeMaw W1FB, the godfather of QRP. One transceiver kit, and several accessories.

  • • OHR 100A single band CW transceiver kit. Offered in 80, 40, 30, 20,and 15 Meter versions. Each can be aligned to cover 70-80Khz. 5 Watt output.$149.95 + S&H

-OZ QRP (Australia) http://www.ozqrp.com/index.html. Owned by Leon Williams (VK2DOB). Offers the MST (Minimalist Sideband Transceiver) as“short-form” kits (PCB plus specialized and hard to get parts).Ships worldwide. Prices in Australian Dollars.

  • • The MST (Minimalist Sideband Transceiver). Complete SSB transceiver on a single PCB (just add a VFO). Superhet receiver using a 4 pole 10MHzcrystal filter. 5W PEP minimum power. Front panel LED transmit power and modulation indicator. Simple and easy to build using all through hole components. DDS VFO available as an add-on kit. PCB Only $AU 15.00 + S&H,MST Kit $AU 35.00 + S&H, MST + DDS VFO $AU 75.00 + S&H
  • -NEW- • The MDT (Minimalist Double Sideband Transceiver) is an inexpensive and easy to build kit for the 40M band. It is ideal for the first time builder as all parts except the microphone socket are mounted on a single PCB and all the components are through hole. This is a full kit containing everything you need even the case and specially pre-cut and printed front and rear panels. $80.00 + S&H

-Peebles Originals http://www.peeblesoriginals.com/index.php  Peebles sells a nice assortment of Crystal Radios, Regenerative Radios, and both Tube and Transistor Radios, in MW, and SW varieties.  They also have a nice line of accessories for your homebrew projects including variable caps, tubes, semiconductors, and more.

-QRP Project (Germany)http://www.qrpproject.de/UK/indexuk.html. Many kits here, but also a very confusing website, with much of the links to German pages that need to be translated. Quite a few kits though. All prices in Euros

-QRPme. http://www.qrpme.com/ Several kits and accessories here. They also have an intriguing kit of the month club” delivering kits to you every month. The Topper II P.A. just added band packs, making it an attractive little QRP amp. QRPme is the new home of the official RockMite.

  • • RockMite. This is QRPme's re-vamped version of Small Wonder Lab's RockMite kit. The kit has been updated so that it is now all thru-hole construction. The previous version required some SMT work. 0.5 Watts at 13Volts. Automatic reversible offset, sidetone, built in keyer, fits in a standard Altoids tin. Available in an assortment of frequencies for 20, 30, 40,and 80 meters. Special introductory price: $40.00 + S&H
  • • Micro 80D. Small tunable 80 meter CW transceiver kit. $35 +S&H
  • • Lil Squall Transceiver. A version of the Pixie Transceiver. A tinkerers delight. It fits in a small tuna can. Includes a socket for the Final transistor for easy experimenting with output power. Likewise, the feedback caps in the oscillator circuit also have sockets making it easy to experiment with new bands. The crystal also has a socket for easily moving the operating frequency about a band. Comes will ALL the parts necessary to complete the transceiver and a 7122 crystal for operating the Lil' Squall ][ in an area where other minimalist rigs hang out, AND the 'officially unofficial' TUNA Net frequency for tuna can gatherings. $35 + S&H
  • • Super Tuna II+. A version of the Sudden Transmitter from the GQRP Club. Transmitter section is comprised of an oscillator, buffer and final driver transistor. Produces 2 watts at 12.6 volts. Frequency dependent components are mounted on an easily changed band module. The basic kit comes with a band module for 40 meter operation. $40 + S&H
  • • Tuna Tin 2 35th Anniversary Isuue. A re-issue of the original TT2transmitter. Parts are laid out on the board in the exact same way the schematic is drawn. Simple, and easy to build. Comes with crystal for 7.030.$25 + S&H
  • • EZ Build Two-Tinned-Tuna Transmitter. EZ build version with no toroids to wind. Several socketed parts for experimenting and comes with 2crystals for 40 meters. $30 + S&H
  • • Sudden Storm Receiver Kit. Great companion to any of the tuna can transmitters. Comes with components for 40 meters but can be operated on 80,30, and 20 using the upgrade kit. $35 + S&H
  • • Reggie II Transceiver Kit. A lesson in minimalist design. The Reggie uses the Limerick construction technique. Output is about 100mW. $40 +S&H

-R3KBO (Russian).  http://eb104.ru/  This Russian Ham Radio site needs to be run through Google Translate, but they sell a nice variety of amplifier, filter, and tuner kits.

-Radio Adventures Company. http://www.radioadv.com/

  • • R1 Code Practice Receiver. High quality fixed frequency CW receivers designed for simple operation. Standard models are available for W1AWfrequencies in the 80, 40 and 20 meter bands. $29.95 + S&H

-Radio-Kits.com.uk. http://www.radio-kits.co.uk/ These folks sell a couple of radio kits (listed below), and a few neat accessories including a CW kit that will work with many SSB-only radios. All prices in British Pounds.

  • • MKARS80 SSB Transceiver. This kit is based on the same design that isused in the BITX20 from Hendricks, but modified for 80 meter use. Main changes from Ashhar's original design are the inclusion of a frequency counter and aHuff and Puff frequency stabilizer. Covers from 3.5 to 3.8 Mhz with about 5Watts output. This kit is a bargain! Ranging from a basic no-case kit for£65.00 shipped to the USA, to full kit with connectors, knobs, and an undrilled case for £(case version currently out of stock)
  • • Hunter SDR Receiver / Panadapter. This looks like an interesting and economical SDR kit, that can also be controlled by an existing rig for use as a panadapter. £87.00 shipped to the USA

-Radi0shop (eBay store). http://stores.ebay.com/radi0shop This eBay store is selling a couple versions of the Pixie II transceiver. They currently have 80 meter, and 40 meter versions. Looks like a very simple build.$39.00 free shipping.

-Rainbow Kits. http://www.rainbowkits.com/index.html Rainbow has a large selection of kits for the tinkerer, and one receiver kit for amateur radio, and several accessories.

  • •REC2 2 Meter - 10 Meter - 220 MHz FM Receiver. This receiver is a dual conversion (10.7MHz tuned IF) with 2uV sensitivity and band width of 5KHz. Ithas 400mw of audio output. The only adjustments are easily tuned using one of these items - TV, cable converter, frequency counter, or a service monitor. The kit is varactor tuned with volume and squelch controls. All of the parts are included for each frequency. You choose what frequency to build. $34.95 +S&H

-Ramsey Electronics. http://www.ramseyelectronics.com/ Ramsey has so many kits that it makes it hard to list them all. Several transmitters and receivers for Ham Radio, a SW receiver, and much more.

  • • 20,30, or 40 meter receiver kits. Superhet DC design. Covers about500 kHz of the selected band. CW SSB, and AM. With a nice case, knobs and front panel. $44.95 + S&H
  • • 20,30, or 40 meter CW transmitter kits. Crystal controlled with VCXOthat gives you about a 20 kHz spread. around the chosen frequency. Sockets for two crystals with a switch on the from panel. About 1 watt out with 12 volts input. $49.95 + S&H

-Small Wonder Labs. http://www.smallwonderlabs.com/ SmallWonder Labs, home of the RockMite transceiver for so many years, has closed for business. QRPME.com, the tuna can people will be taking over official production of the famous RockMite. They are listed elsewhere in this guide.There are a couple of un-official sources for SWL designs too. The Ham QRP DIYShack listed in this guide is offering a different updated version of theRockMite, and AG6BD (eBay seller) is selling a new version of the retired SW20transceiver.

-SOTABEAMS  http://www.sotabeams.co.uk/  Sotabeams sells a ton of accessories and antennas for QRP use.  Pretty much anything you can imagine.  Many of the items are in kit form.  This page is a GREAT resource for the do-it-yourself Ham.

-Steven Weber. http://kd1jv.qrpradio.com/  Steven, KD1JV is known for many great kit designs over the years, and while he does not sell kits directly at this link, he does tell you how to get on the list to be notified of the ATS series releases.  Also, on this web page you will find links to many of his designs with schematics, and many with circuit boards available through FAR Circuits.

-Ten-Tec.http://www.tentec.com/categories/Products-by-Area-of-Interest/Kit-Building/ Ten-Tec has 8 Radio kits available.

  • • QRP Transceiver Kits (20,30,40, or 80 meters). 3 watts power output.covers a 50 kHz segment determined by you at the time of construction. With pre-labeled and painted case. $124.00 + S&H
  • -Discontinued-9 Band Regenerative Receiver. 1.760 -1.990 MHz, 3.3 - 4.150 MHz, 5.5 – 6.9 MHz, 6.9 – 8.5 MHz, 8.5– 11 MHz, 10.1 – 13.2 MHz, 12.5 – 16 MHz, 14.7 – 18.5MHz, 18.5 – 21.5 MHz Integrated audio amp IC for clean robust audio from internal speaker or headphones. includes parts, circuit board, assembly manual,battery holder, speaker, complete enclosure, and knobs. $93.00 + S&H
  • -Discontinued-4 Band Regenerative Receiver. 5.9 -6.4 Mhz, 6.9 - 7.4 Mhz, 8.5 - 10.2 Mhz, 11.5 - 16.5 Mhz. Comes with finished front panel. No knobs or case. $41.95 + S&H
  • -Discontinued-Any Band Direct Conversion Receiver Kit. Includes all of the parts and instructions to let you build the receiver(or change it to) ANY band of your choice (160, 80, 75, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12or 10 meters). $39.00 + S&H
  • • 506 Rebel open-source QRP trancceiver for 20 and 40 Meters. The basic Rebel comes with no frequency display. When you turn the radio on it comes upon the calling frequency of 7030 or 14060 depending on which band is selected.There is no VFO but a DDS chip that allows the Chip Kit Uno 32 to select a frequency on which to operate. The LEDs flash in a way to indicate the frequency in steps. This is based on the same design as the OpenQRP $199 +S&H
  • -NEW- 507 Patriot open-source QRP tranceiver for 20and 40 Meters. The basic Patriot comes with no frequency display. When you turn the radio on it comes up on the calling frequency of 7030 or 14060 depending on which band is selected. There is no VFO but a DDS chip that allows the Chip KitUno 32 to select a frequency on which to operate. The LEDs flash in a way to indicate the frequency in steps. This is a SSB version of the 506 rebel above$299 + S&H

-Tony Parks, KB9YIG. http://fivedash.com/ Tony seems to have partnered up with someone to get kits out faster. The new website lists 4kits available currently. Although this is not kit-related, Tony is offering an assembled version of the Softrock RX Ensemble II for $92.00. Tony has also added custom cases for the Ensemble receiver, and transceiver right on thesite.

  • -updated-SoftRock RX Ensemble II Receiver Kit. TheSoftRock RX Ensemble II Receiver Kit includes the components for building the kit for LF, 180kHz through 3.0 MHz, operation or for HF, 1.8 MHz through 30MHz, or 180kHz through 3MHz. $67.00 Also in 6M-4M-2M version now for $68.00 and LF version for $66.00
  • •SoftRock Lite II Combined Receiver Kit. The SoftRock Lite II kit now includes the components to build it for one of the following bands: 160m, 80m,40m, 30m or 20m. This replaces prior Lite II kits that were set to a specific band when ordered. The SoftRock Lite II provides a simple to build SDR receiver with a fixed center frequency to be used with a sound card that can sample at96 kHz, providing band coverage from 48 KHz below the center frequency to 48KHz above the center frequency. $21.00
  • •SoftRock RXTX Ensemble Transceiver Kit. The SoftRock RXTX Ensemble Transceiver Kit provides a 1 watt SDR transceiver that can be built for one ofthe following four band groups: 160m, 80m/40m, 30m/20m/17m or 15m/12m/10m.$89.00
  • -NEW-SoftRock RX Ensemble III Receiver Kit. TheSoftRock RX Ensemble II Receiver Kit includes the components for building the kit for LF, 180kHz through 3.0 MHz, operation or for HF, 1.8 MHz through 30MHz. The new model II adds a 9.5dB pre-amplifier for the 16 MHz to 30 MHz range for improved, low-noise reception. $68.00 + S&H

-Unified Microsystems. http://www.unifiedmicro.com/ UnifiedMicro sells a nice line of accessories including a couple of kits. Of special note is the SCI-6 sound card interface kit, for operating in digital modes.

-Vectronics (MFJ)http://www.vectronics.com/Categories.php?sec=209. Vectronics has a large selection of Ham Radio kits and accessories. Some of their products are similar, or even identical to their parent company's products (MFJ).

  • •QRP Transceiver Kits for 80/40/30/20 Meters. VXO frequency control,broad-banded transmitter circuitry, solid one Watt plus output, shaped keying,0.3 uV sensitivity, direct conversion receiver. Includes crystal for popular QRP frequency Order VEC-1380K (80 Meters),VEC-1340K(40 Meters),VEC-1330K(30Meters),VEC-1320K(20 Meters), $59.95 + S&H
  • •20/30/40/80 Meter Receiver Kits. Covers entire band or tailor to coverdesired portion. Copy CW/SSB/AM. NE602/ 612 mixer-oscillator, LM386 high gainaudio amplifier. Order VEC-1120K (20 Meters),VEC-1130K(30 Meters),VEC-1140K (40Meters),VEC-1180K (80 Meters),$29.95 + S&H
  • •20/30/40/80 Meter QRP CW transmitter kit. Kits have variable crystal oscillator tuning, front panel switch selects 1 of 2 crystals. 1 crystal included. Transmit and Receive switch. Order VEC-1220K (20 Meters),VEC-1230K(30 Meters),VEC-1240K (40 Meters),VEC-1280K (80 Meters),$29.95 + S&H
  • •2/6/10 Meter FM Receiver Kits. Each covers the entire FM sub-band and runs off your 9V battery. Plug in speaker or headphones for clear reception.VEC-1002K (2 Meters), VEC-1006K (6M), VEC-1010K (10M),$34.95 + S&H
  • •Shortwave Receiver Kit (Regen). Covers 75/80, 49, 40, 30, 31, 20, 25,22, 19, 17, 16, 15 and 13 Meter bands. Explore AM, SSB, CW, WWV, and digital signals. Vernier reduction drive, smooth regeneration control, RF stage.Includes all metal cabinet. 2 earphone jacks. Uses 9V battery. $79.95 +S&H

-Walford Electronics http://walfords.net/. An impressive list of kits designed by UK Ham, Tim Walford (G3PCJ), as well as accessories. Ships internationally. Subscribers to his newsletter, Hot Iron, get early access to new designs.  All prices in British Pounds

  • -NEW-The Fulford AM Phone transmitter. This is a simple phone transmitter using Amplitude Modulation (AM) on 80 or 160m. Its unique feature is the integral small loop aerial intended for working short distances in group construction projects.  It uses a crystal or ceramic resonator for frequency control - a 2 MHz ceramic resonator for 160m AM is included as standard (which allows about 25 KHz of tuning) The Fulford can be used as a 'separate' transmitter or with other receivers like the Mark. The photo below shows the Fulford ready to be mounted alongside the FiveFET. The single unit price is £24.
  • •The Lydford SSB Phone Transceiver. Built for any single band 20– 80m inclusive – your choice when you receive the kit! The RX has a doubled tuned RF filter that feeds a SA602 first mixer, which is followed byan IF amplifier prior to the 6 MHz five crystal ladder IF filter. This is followed by another SA602 for the CIO/product detector, and then two stages ofaudio amplification. Main tuning is by a PolyVaricon, with a potentiometer controlled varactor diode for fine adjustment. To help with the wide range of LO frequencies needed for the available bands, the kit contains a digital divider that is driven by the VFO for the lower frequency bands. The main PCBis a double sided 100 x 160 mm; the kit includes all front panel parts and a plain single sided PCB that you can lay out to your own design of front panel.£79 + S&H.
  • -NEW-The High Ham CW or AM Phone Transmitter. This is a transmitter that can be used for CW or for AM phone on any band 6 to 80m. On the lower bands 20 - 80m, the peak output is 5W using an IRF510 (with heatsink) in the final. For the bands 6 to 15m, a pair of BS170s are used instead which are capable of 1.5W peak on a nominal 12v supply. These output powers are the maximum for CW and for 100% modulated AM so the normal no speech carrier power is only a quarter of those figures. The transmitter has a digital crystal oscillator (for either an actual crystal or a ceramic resonator), with the other gates in the chip driving the output stage. This is followed by the double half wave harmonic filters (adjusted for each band) and a TR relay. The oscillator has trimmers to adjust its frequency - a swing of over 50 KHz is normal down from about 3620 KHz when using the standard 3.58 MHz ceramic resonator, but when crystals are used for all other bands, the swing is very limited. For receivers, use it with a Regen TRF like the FiveFET or the Mark! Prices - 80m 5W with ceramic resonator as in photo below - £37
  • -NEW-The Rode Superhet Receiver and Rudge Transmitter. The Rode is a simple superhet SSB receiver for any one of the bands 20, 40 or 80m. The design has been tailored specifically for Buildathon type group construction projects, or individual builders. A single set of parts does any of these bands. It has a four crystal ladder IF filter working at 10 MHz in order to keep the VFO frequency low for good stability. The VFO injects directly into the first mixer with Course tuning provided by a PolyVaricon and Fine by a potentiometer. The IF and audio filters are designed for phone use so will also allow CW reception. Double tuned RF filters are provided. Both mixers are the doubly balanced Gilbert Cell  SA602 type but with a simple IF amplifier added to lift the gain a little. There is an audio pre-amp and a main amp that is intended for driving 32R modern phones but which can alternatively drive a small loud speaker. The RX PCB layout is well spaced out for easy part location. The receiver can be used on its own or with the Rudge transmitter. You can add kits for AGC and 3 or 5 digit counters. The Rudge is the matching SSB phone transmitter - the low level SSB signals are generated in the Rode by reversing the direction of signals in the IF strip under the control of relays, so the two kits have to be used together as in the photo below. Hence it has the same choice of bands as the Rode. The Rudge PCB contains the antenna relays and also a double half wave harmonic filter for the transmitter. The output stage uses an IRF510 producing 5W on a 12v supply; it has a small finned heatsink on the rear that can be bolted to a case for extra cooling if desired. If you wish to also use them for CW, then add the CW kit.The space on the front right of the Rudge PCB is for an optional double sideband (DSB) kit which allows the Rudge (without Rode) to be used with a direct conversion RX such as the Yeo, on any band 20 to 80m. This involves adding a ceramic resonator (or crystal), trimmer and the DSB SA602 mixer. This mixer drives the rest of the standard Rudge kit instead of the Rode.  Prices are:-   Rode RX £49, Rode and Rudge ordered together: £83. Rudge with DSB kit for Yeo: £42
  • -NEW-The Minster SSB Transceiver. This starts life as a single Basic band phone and CW 5W superhet TCVR for any single band in the 20 – 80m group; the TCVR has separate RX and TX PCBs. To this can be added the optional RF Extras kit – this adds another single Additional band in the same 20 – 80m group, plus a plug-in Card band position for any band 10 – 160m. It can be used initially without any card fitted as a two band rig, but when fully fitted gives single switch choice between the two ‘fixed’ bands and whatever is plugged into the Card position. The Minster is fundamentally an analogue radio without micro-processors or DDS etc! The various kits include all parts to build the multi-band TCVR open style as in the photo. Owing to its complexities, you do need to be a pretty experienced constructor! Basic RX and TX: £120, RF Extras Kit: £30, Band Cards: £15, S/P edge meter: £8, 5 Digit Counter: £40 (reduced if ordered with Minster), Speech Processor: £24
  • -NEW-The Mark 3 band TRF Receiver. The Mark is a 3 band Regenerative TRF receiver - normally for 20, 30 and 40m but 30, 40 and 80m are also possible. It uses the same principles as the FiveFET so is able to copy AM, CW or SSB/DSB phone signals. It has an RF amp stage with RF gain preset, followed by separate detector and regeneration stages, an audio pre-amp with a narrow switch selected CW filter that feeds the AFG pot, and then into the LM380 audio output stage (which is intended for driving a small loud speaker). The inclusion of the RFG preset allows you to adjust the balance between RF and AF gain to minimise any tendency for overloading. It would normally be used on a 12 volt supply. The Mark's tuning coils are normally pre-wound TOKO inductors, but if you wish to experiment with other band(s), you can use toroids and the trimmer in a variety of combinations. I am contemplating a LF version of the Mark that would do 40, 80 and 160m - contact me if your interested please.£34.00 + S&H
  • •The Yeo Direct Conversion Receiver. An entry level direct conversion receiver that is capable of serious communication use! The kit includes parts so that you can make it for an any single amateur band 20 to 80m; this is done with alternative capacitor combinations and changes to the VFO inductor. There is a double tuned RF filter to remove out of band signals and the audio response is designed primarily for CW but is wide enough for phone also. The kit includes a PP3 battery holder but can take any supply voltage between 9 and16 volts DC - it includes reversed supply protection! The kit includes a small PCB mounted speaker (to get you going) but is able to drive an external 8Rproper speaker or headphones. Price is £33.00 + S&H
  • •The FiveFET Simple Regen TRF Receiver. This is a simple Regen TRF aimed at first time builders of electronic projects interested in analogue radio. You start by making it work on medium wave, where the signals are large,so success comes easily! Then you can add the second band which would normally be 40m, where you can hear amateur stations from all around the UK and Europe.The two controls are for Tuning and setting the level of Regeneration. You will need a pair of modern medium impedance 32R phones, a PP3 battery, wire cutters,a small screwdriver and a soldering iron/solder. £24 + S&H

-WB6DHW.com http://wb6dhw.com/For_Sale.html WB6DHW carries the UHFSDR board and kit, plus several add ons and accessories.

  • • -NEW- UHFSDR Transceiver. The UHFSDR is a Software DefinedTransceiver covering the 1.75 MHz to 700 MHz frequency range. A Si570 is used for frequency control. Two LVPECL 4 GHz max.flip flops produce I and Q LO signals at 1/2 the Si570 frequency. A pair of 1-1000MHz Double Balanced Mixersare used to convert signals to and from base band. A receiver pre-amp (2dBnoise figure) and a transmit pre-amp(50mW max output) are provided as well as antenna switching plus provision for separate receive and transmit connections. There is a Yahoo Group for support. The board is $10 shipped tothe USA, and a mini kit is available with some components for $40 shipped to the USA. There is an email contact listed for complete kits, but no price posted.

-Wilderness Radio. http://www.fix.net/~jparker/wild.html I emailed Bob to get status on the Wilderness Radio lineup, and was told that theSST and Sierra have been discontinued for parts availablility. The 40a is still available as well as the KC1 and Buzznot kits.

  • • Nor Cal 40a. The revision B NorCal 40A is a third-generation 40-meterQRP transceiver kit, designed by Wayne Burdick, N6KR. The rig covers any 40KHzportion of the CW band, with a very stable VFO operating in the 2MHz range. The receiver is a superhet with crystal filter, AGC, and RIT. 3 Watts output. $150+ S&H

-Xtal Set Society / Midnight Science.http://www.midnightscience.com/kits.html these folks have an nice assortment of crystal and basic AM and SW kits, but also have a few kits for hams, like a dummy load and attentuators.

-YouKits http://youkits.com/. YouKits also has the well-known HB-1B QRP, TJ5a, and TJ2b rigs (assembled) and some accessories.  YouKits seems to be selling its most popular radios assembled only lately.  The ones listed here are still available as kits.
  • • TT1A 2 Band CW Tube Transmitter Kit. This is a 2-tube 4-watt transmitter kit. Comes with crystals for 40 and 20 meters, but can operate from60 to 20 meters with different crystals. Power supply kit coming soon, as well as custom case. $129 + S&H
  • • EK1A and EK1B 3 band QRP CW kits. Power output 4-5 Watts. Built in Keyer. SMD parts all finished. Assemble in about 2 hours. A model: 40, 30, and20 Meters. B model: 20, 17 and 15 Meters. $179 + S&H

-Yoyodyne Consulting. http://www.yoyodyneconsulting.ca/Yoyodyne sells the SR63ng, a clone of the retired SoftRock 6.3 SDR transceiver,for specific application.

  • • -NEW- SR63ng SDR Transceiver board. The SR63ng is a clone of the older 6.3 version of Tony Parks' Softrock transceiver. This is not meant to compete with Tony's newer products, but is available for use with the MOBO, aboard that turns a 6.3 softrock into an all band SDR transceiver. $CAN 66.50shipped to the USA or Canada.

-Zao.jp. http://zao.jp/radio/order/ Zao has one kit currently available. He is also the source for the pre-built Soft66 SDR radios(currently selling new version LC4) which is one of the lowest-priced pre-builtSDR receivers on the market. Getting it running is a challenge I hear, but performs well for the money once you do.

  • • Soft66Lite. Small monoband SDR that can be built for different rangesdepending on the bandpass components installed. Easily switchable by plugging in homemade bp modules setup on IC sockets. $20 shipped to USA

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