Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Skype Warning

I received two disturbing emails early Friday morning.

The first one from Skype:

And the next one from PayPal:

Since I am not a premium Skype user, there is no live support.  I started the process
of trying to shut down the connection between Skype and PayPal to stop any future charges.  I changed my important passwords.  My research showed that Skype will not usually issue refunds and claims that any account compromises are your problem.  After sending a message to Skype customer service using the proper methods, they finally sent me a link via email for live chat.  All they offered was getting me access to my account again.  PayPal on the other hand was helpful.  I was able to actually CALL them.  Kind of funny that you cannot call a communications company.  PayPal is disputing the charge for me and cancelled any future automatic charges from Skype.

When I asked the Skype rep how this can happen I was given the same canned response I had read about from others this has happened to.  One of your computers must be infected with malware.  Right.  Well, here's the problem.  I don't use Skype on my computers!  I had a Pro account years ago.  I have only used it on my iPhone, and only once in the last several months simply to test my son's Skype on his Nexus S, and whether he could video-chat with me on my iPhone.  So, they are saying that my iPhone has malware on it?  I don't think so.  

Some searching has shown that this happens.  More times than I'm comfortable with.  Users with extensive IT knowledge have had this happen in a similar way, where they cannot pinpoint the leak.  I would think that there is some sort of security issue with Skype itself.  There was no response when I suggested this.  My gut instinct at this point is to close the account and be done with Skype for good.  Which leads to this lovely gem:

Not Possible?  What?  Abandon it?  This makes me uncomfortable.  Goodbye Skype.  Nice knowin' ya.  I'm done.  Paypal on the other hand has come through again.  I may never see the $10.00, but it could have been a lot worse.  Beware folks.  Something is amiss.  

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